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What Are Cowboy Boots?

Author: Agust Hauksson

Cowboy boots are a special kind of boot that a lot of people wear today. Cowboys do not only wear them anymore. They do not only wear them in the south and on a farm, people are also wearing them these days as dress shoes or as everyday shoes. The design of cowboy boots is unique and distinct. They are certainly a great shoe for anyone to wear either in a more dressed up look or on a regular basis.

snake skin boots cowboy riding boots
cowboy boots leather cowhide

Cowboy boots have a high and rounded heel and also have a pointed toe. There are no laces to deal with and no straps to tighten. Most of the boots that are around are made from leather. They can be from just about any kind of leather. Most of the brands are from cowhide, or genuine leather. In addition, some are constructed out of exotic skins like snake, lizard, eel and alligator. These are going to be the more expensive boots in their class.

There are boots to be found in any color. You can get the normal black or brown and there are also other colors to choose from as well. Many of the exotic skinned boots come in other colors like white, gray, tan or even red. Cowboy boots are designed for the easy insertion of a horse rider's foot into the stirrup of a saddle on a horse. This is why most of the boots have a pointed toe. However, the styles are changing and there are some of the boots that are becoming more rounded at the toe.

Although the shoes are mounted, the tall heel of the boot is what prevents the foot from sliding out of the stirrup. If this were to happen to a cowboy on a horse, it could be very dangerous. However, when the cowboy is dismounting from the horse, the smooth sole of the shoe is what allows the boot to easily come free from the stirrup. The tall shaft of the boot is what helps to hold the boot in place. There are no laces that are needed to use on a boot.

The shaft of the cowboy boot is also going to be used to protect the leg from getting scratched or bumped while riding or working. In the south, it was very normal for the farm workers to wear cowboy boot while they were working. There are many people who still use these boots as their everyday work boots. They find them very comfortable and easy to work in.

With more and more people wearing cowboy boots on a regular basis, there are more and more companies coming out with newer styles. You can find these great boots just about anywhere and in any store. Since they are becoming so popular, cowboy boots have even come down in price and you can find a great pair for
an affordable price.

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