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Second Hand Steel Buildings can be Just as Good as New Ones

Author: Xavier Savion

Steel buildings and construction goods can be purchased in a number of places, some second hand steel building kits can be sourced from an amazing amount of places including auctions. I was visiting a fellow steel building supplier and commented on the considerable range of stock the guy had at his building,
There were metal garages, metal horse barns and a whole stack of superb steel building items in this individuals store, now you could possibly wonder why I might find this strange but the thing is this guy had only been a steel building dealer for a short while and I was aware that the business owner who shall remain nameless was a little short of money for which to use on stocking his store [ stocking a steel building business will certainly prove very costly ], any how we around to talking and the person revealed to me the secret of how he obtained steel buildings goods at district stolen item auctions.

Now if you are like me you will not have heard of a stolen property sale, The reality is that an individual might possibly have a steel storage building or metal horse barn stolen and a little while later it would turn up in a police incident and end up in one of the numerous stolen item storehouses. You see such places packed with all kinds of goodies linked to the area of steel buildings, you can often find all kinds of steel building items from metal steel metal chruch buildings, modular steel buildings and even the odd metal steel metal chruch building might be discovered nestling amongst the many hundreds of products in the construction sectors of such depots.

My fellow steel building dealer was happy to tell me about the stolen goods auctions simply because the amount of steel buildings in these kind of sales is simply inbelievable, the other factor was that these kinds of stolen property auctions are being held in most every district.

Now as it happens that I run a steel building business located in Texas so I checked the district authority directories and got hold of the details of the county stolen property sales. Anyway the day of the auction arrived and I went along to the stock viewing before the sale, I tell you I could not believe my eyes, I was seeing pre engineered buildingss, pre fabricated steel buildings and all kinds of steel buildings and other items, Now quite surprisingly many of the steel building products I could find were unused and the same as the stock in my own steel building storeroom, a person might possibly ask why were such products like prefab steel garages in the very same condition as if they were in my store room? well An official said that about twenty five to forty five percent of the stuff in the stolen item auctions were actually taken from warehouses or stores,this meant that the same percentage of steel building goods and accessories would be in really neat condition.

Also I discovered that by the time the steel building items I wanted had made their way to the stolen merchandise vaults a lot of the stores they had been stolen from had already received some money direct from their insurance companies. This meant that all that fantastic steel building merchandise would end up in the sales.

It has to be said that my own steel building store holds some good products like steel armor buildings and steel fence panels and naturally they are being offered at way below even the discount price of these kinds of steel building associated

About the author:
Xavier Savion is a construction industry expert in the area of steel buildings . For purchasing tips, visit:

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