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Safety For Your Horse

  Make sure your tack fits your horse. Horses come in all sizes and shapes. Adjust your bridles and choose your saddles to fit your horses as well as yourself. Tack that does not fit well can cause huge sores that may restrict you from riding your horse for several weeks.
  Keep your horse healthy by providing proper nutrition, exercise, and regular medical checkups.
riding instructor or trainer Take lessons from a professional. You can read all of the books you want, but nothing replaces actual experience. Find a respected horse-person in your area and spend some time with them.
safe riding areas Ride in Safe areas. Such a simple thing to remember. If your horse gets upset when cars pass him, do not ride on a road. Do not run as fast as you can through a pasture that is full of holes created by gophers or prairie dogs. Inspect an area before asking your horse to perform - you do not want him stepping on glass or getting his legs tangled in old wire laying around in the pasture.
safety for your pets and children Keep small children and animals (dogs, cats) away from your horses. Small children do not realize that they may get stepped on, kicked, or bitten. Never leave a child unattended around horses. Horses, cats, and dogs can get along. For tips on how to assit all of your pets to get along, check out Pet Harmony.