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How To Find The Best Horse For Your Child

by: Dylan Miles

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility for an adult, much less for a child. Owning a horse requires a lot of time and money, both from the parent and the child, therefore, before you decide to go horse-shopping, it’s best that you sit down and discuss the responsibilities and tasks involved in owning and caring for a horse with the child. A horse, remind them, is not a mere domestic pet. It’s unlike a cat, dog or hamster. Horses require more than that.

Let your child know that the owner of the horse should be ready to take on the responsibilities of grooming, exercising, feeding, washing, playing with and caring for the animal. These responsibilities should be done daily, otherwise, both the horse and the owner will suffer.

Before you actually go out and buy a horse, parents are strongly advised to bring the child to a stable, let them take some riding lessons. This will help your child understand and comprehend the responsibilities ahead of him or her. Parents should give the child adequate time to adapt and adjust accordingly. Under the supervision of an expert, they should be able to grasp the whole concept of owning a horse in about a month or two.

Buying a horse that suits your personality.

It is important for a horse buyer to understand that there is a very special relationship and bond between a horse and the owner/rider. The more nervous or jittery the rider is, the calmer the horse should be. Hence, the best kind of horse for a child is one with a very good temperament. The pony or horse should not have a history of bolting off whenever they are scared. Compare this to the needs of an experienced rider who needs a very sensitive horse who is responsive and understanding.

Riding experience and testing the horse out

As mentioned, before a parent decides to buy a horse for the child, the child should be given a chance to take riding lessons and familiarize herself or himself with horses. Not only does the child have to take riding lessons, it is best that the horse is a trained one as well.

The child and horse should get to know each other before the parent actually purchases the horse. Test the horse out by taking the child out for a test ride. Let them get to know each other and then let the child decide which horse is best for him or her.

Horse to suit the occasion

Depending on what the child intends to do with the horse, there are many different types of horses trained for different purposes. Some horses are suitable for riding on the flat, some prefers a horse that will jump and perform. Some prefer a horse that can be taken hunting or ride through rough terrains and some prefer show horses. Consult with the horse trainer so that you do not get the wrong type of horse for the wrong purpose.


About The Author

Dylan Miles, journalist, and website builder, lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.