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Welcome to Fix My Horse

We are just getting started, but have over 50 articles online already! So be sure to check back with us for new information soon!

This site is devoted to providing information to help horse lovers prepare for owning horses and to give tips to those of us who already own horses. The dream of owning a horse is a common one, but should not be taken lightly. You must be prepared to care for your horses properly before you purchase them. Much of the information on this site has been passed down through generations of horse owners. Some of the tips have been learned the hard way.

We hope to help make your equestrian experience as pleasant and safe as possible. Enjoy!

Visit our Farm & Lifestyle section for some great information!


Basics of Horse Care
First Aid for Horses
Get to know a Veterinarian
Energy Healing Benefits
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English Training
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General Training
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Did Your Horse Spill the Paint?
Does Your Horse Have the Feel?
Horse Training 101
Prevention & Cure of Bad Habits
Teach Your Horse to Use His Hindquarters
Therapeutic Horseback Riding
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3 Year Olds Claim Derbys
Derby Winners Often Repeat in the Preakness
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They Don't All Win
The Preakness - Second Leg of the Triple Crown
Triple Crown
Triple Crown - Racings Ultimate Challenge
Tragic Side of the Triple Crown
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Farm Life
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Sales & Marketing
Fighting Plant Enemies

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